Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thank you to our Sponsors

The Wear Gray Market is officially FULL. We have 130 fantastic stores all lined up to fill the sim with awesome new designs especially for Wear Gray.

Not only will they be releasing brand new exclusive items for Wear Gray but they will also have other items from their main stores available at the Market.

Along with these stores we have 4 donation stores scattered around the Market. These stores were paid for and then donated to Wear Gray for those that can't fill a store themselves but would love the opportunity to showcase an item or two for Wear Gray.

Lexi Morgan, Owner of Stellar graciously sponsored a large store for Wear Gray. With room for at least 20 vendors. This is a perfect little spot for those that want to showcase just one donation. Thank you so much for your support Lexi.

Zoey Gabargini, owner of {paper.doll} graciously donated a large store for Wear Gray. Zoey may have one or two items of her own out, but the rest of the store is for donation items. Big thanks to Zoey. Your donation is very much appreciated.

Jenica Penucca, owner of Zombie Popcorn has also donated a large store for Wear Gray. Zombie Popcorn may have a vendor or two out in the donation store but the place is there for others to use. Many thanks Jenica for your contribution.

Michi Fhang, owner of Fhang Candy has had to withdraw her small shop due to circumstances which have popped up. However she is leaving her store as a donation store for others to place a vendor or two. What a wonderful idea. Thank you very much Michi.

These Donation Stores will be specifically for items that are 100% profit donated to Wear Gray. Store owners that already have a store space on the sim will be given the opportunity to place ONE vendor in a donation store. This may benefit those that have a sim on the east side of the sim and want to place an item on the west side donation store. Please note though that these stores are specifically aimed at the little stores around the grid that couldn't possibly get a store themselves so this is a chance for them to show us what they have by donating via the donation stores. If you have not got a store already organised at Wear Gray but would be interested in placing a vendor in a donation store (or know of someone who might) please contact either Sanura Snowpaw or Arora Zanzibar for details. For store owners already at Wear Gray please let Sanura or Arora know if you would like to place an extra vendor in the donation store so we can keep a track of prim allocations.

Once again Sanura and Arora would love to thank Jenica, Lexi, Zoey and Michi for thier support and for offering these stores as donation stores.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's all happening.....The countdown is on

With only a month to go, it's all hands on deck! Wear Gray 2010 has a brand new sparkly logo. With many thanks to Amisha March and Sanura Snowpaw who, together, came up with this awesome new design.

If you are reading this post then you will notice Wear Gray has had a blog facelift. A few minor tweaks and probably more to come as we get closer to the date. If this is your first visit - Welcome! Be sure to check out the pages at the top for information on our affiliated charity Organisation - American Brain Tumor Association. There is also information on how you can donate.

As we are drawing closer to the date we have put out a call for bloggers who would like to blog for Wear Gray. If you are interested or know of a blogger who might be please send your details (SL Name and Blog URL) to either Sanura Snowpaw or Arora Zanzibar.

Store owners - don't forget you can upload pictures of your Wear Gray items to our flickr page (link in the links page). And bloggers if you feature any Wear Gray items you too can share the pics via our flickr page.

Wear Gray Market is filling up fast with the current confirmed shops attending sitting at 108. That leaves only 26 store spaces(13 large, 75prims & 13 small, 30 prims) available. If you haven't reserved your space get in fast before the last few go. A list of the current stores you will find at this years Wear Gray Market is to your right. Updated daily so check back to see if your favourites will be there. If they aren't....give them a nudge and a hint and show them our blog. There is a link to the registration application on the links page.

We're very excited that things are running smoothly and on track. Don't forget you can follow us on Plurk and Twitter, we also have a flickr page if you want to see what stores will be offering at this years Wear Gray Market. All links are on the links page listed at the top of our blog.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wear Gray 2010 Invitation September 12th - 25th

We would like to extend an invitation to all designers to join us for Wear Gray 2010.

This year the Wear Gray will be a full sim wide market of creators new and old. We anticipate this years fundraiser to be twice as big as last year and just as rewarding to the charity we are affiliated with. This year we will be donating all proceeds to the American Brain Tumor Association. We would love to invite you to come along and join in this fantastic event.

There are a couple of choices for you to consider:

**Stores available and donation amounts to join.**

a) Small market store (56 available) - $250L
20 x 7.5m store & 30 prims allocation

b) Large market store (78 available) - $580L
40 x 15m store & 75 prims allocation

**Please note your donation payment needs to go to official Treasury Account – “WearGray Button”**

These donations are to cover the cost of the sim. You are welcome to donate more if you want which will benifit Wear Gray with placing ads on the major feeds, classifieds, and any other costs, with any extra going directly to the American Brain Tumor Association. Full tranaction history will be made avaliable to anyone who requests it from Sanura Snowpaw.

*** HOW TO APPLY ***

All we require is that you have **at least** two (preferrably four) items for sale that benefit Wear Gray. We will provide you with the vendor for these items prior to the set-up dates. A group invitation to the "Wear Gray for a Day" group will be sent when your application is processed & donation received. This donation needs to be sent directly to our official Treasury Account – “WearGray Button”. The group invite can also be sent to an alt for holding but you yourself will need to be added for access to the fairgrounds before and for rez rights, you will just need to let us know who to send the invite to in your application.

Please note your items do NOT have to be gray in color and I would love to see a rainbow of colors. There is only so much gray a person can wear and I would hate to limit anyone to only one color. Also all items to benifit Wear Gray must be exclusive, they can be an exclusive color or style but only limited to this event.

Please go here and complete your online registration request. There is a section in the application to include your transaction details from your donation, please make sure you include this to secure your store. Stores will be allocated in order of application and donation received.

Thank you,
Sanura Snowpaw
Director, Wear Gray 2010

Arora Zanzibar
Liaison - Wear Gray, 2010

**Wear Gray Blog**
**ABTA Charity Website**

Please note that by allowing full disclosure your SL name will show in the tranaction history that is avaliable upon request from Sanura Snowpaw. If you are not comfortable with this please let Sanura know and arrangments will be made.