Below is the schedule for the two weeks of Wear Gray Market.  Including DJ's and 24hr Auction Boxes.

Be sure to check when your favourite DJ is on and drop by to party with the crowd and help support Wear Gray.

SUNDAY 12th  ~  8pm - 10pm SLT

Alicia Chenaux

MONDAY 13th  ~  7pm - 9pm SLT

Marcus32 Vyper ~ If music be the food of love, play on

WEDNESDAY 15th  ~  5pm - 7pm SLT

Persey Garcia ~ I'm the opposite of moderate, 
                         immaculately polished 
                         with the spirit of a hustler 
                         and the swagger of a college kid.

FRIDAY 17th  ~  8pm - 10pm SLT

DJ Starbymoonlight

SATURDAY 18th  ~  10am - 12pm SLT

Obsolete Aeon ~ DJ -rock, indie, alternative, synthpop and more (or DJ-wannabe, depends on which side of my ego you're standing).

SUNDAY 19th  ~  10am - 12pm SLT

Carter Denja ~ World music DJ spinning funky stuff from all over the world

MONDAY 20th ~ 6pm - 8pm SLT

Bren Betts

TUESDAY 21st  ~  6pm - 8pm SLT

Victoria Sabra ~ While I play mostly classic rock and blues in my club sets, I can play whatever genre you like for private events.

WEDNESDAY 22nd  ~  3pm - 4pm SLT

DJ Sassy Kitten

THURSDAY 23rd  ~  12pm - 2pm SLT

DJ Mote ~ "I get by with a little help from my friends" - The Beatles

SATURDAY 25th  ~  5pm - 7pm SLT

Amanda Shinji ~  Amateur music producer and DJ, into electro, trance, breaks, drum n' bass, mashups, and lots more..

Do you like the thrill of Auctions?  Well we do.  There will be three (3) auction boxes in the central landing area that will be running for 24hours at a time.  Each with a one off exclusive item from our merchants at Wear Gray.  Each day will have exclusive items from the Merchant listed.  Make a bid and hope that no one outbids you.

MONDAY 13th   ~   24hr Bid Box Auction

Puarangi Designs

TUESDAY 14th   ~   24hr Bid Box Auction

Vanitas Vesture
Larnia Kids
Gothic Passionate Dreams

WEDNESDAY 15th   ~   24hr Bid Box Auction

Ro's mermaids
Cilian'gel Boutique

THURSDAY 16th   ~   24hr Bid Box Auction

..::Beauty Killer::..
Oran store
{what next}

FRIDAY 17th   ~   24hr Bid Box Auction

Lacie Dayz
* RezIpsa Loc *

SATURDAY 18th   ~   24hr Bid Box Auction

Indyra Originals

SUNDAY 19th   ~   24hr Bid Box Auction

Vicarious Vitae
Dark Goddess Designs
~Dreams in Digital Art~

MONDAY 20th   ~   24hr Bid Box Auction

DragonLady's Closet
Annabella's Song
 NK Styles

TUESDAY 21st   ~   24hr Bid Box Auction

:. WoE .:
::Eclectic Firefly::

WEDNESDAY 22nd   ~   24hr Bid Box Auction

[SE*Designz] Mainstore

THURSDAY 23rd   ~   24hr Bid Box Auction

SIGMA Jewels
GLAM! skins
Fire GOOD!!!

FRIDAY 24th   ~   24hr Bid Box Auction

Hooligan Streetwear