Thursday, August 20, 2009

What is Wear Gray?

Well on September 18, 2009 there is a collective of people that are going to wear gray in support of brain cancer awareness. when I saw this it touched my heart because at the time my RL cousin was battling brain cancer and had been for 10 years and was nearing the end of his battle, he has since lost his battle.

So I made a free tee shirt that can be found at *Dreams* and a dear friend Prue Genira blogged about it and things started to roll from there. I had other stores wanting to help, Amisha March Created an AWESOME banner. I also found a few more people that were extremely interested in helping out and finding more stores so we now have a team of organizers and some wonderful stores (which we will feature later).

After trying to contact a few RL brain cancer charities with no response we decided that we would have all proceeds go to The American Cancer Society.

Our organizers are the wonderful Sanura Snowpaw (myself), Colorful Sinister, Prue Genira Kali Jetcity. If you have any questions or wish to become more involved you can contact any of us and we will be sure to include you.

We also have an in world group Wear Gray For A Day that you are welcome to join and invite people into as well.

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