Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Little Bloggity Goodness

Our official Wear Gray Bloggers have been hard at work blogging all the wonderful creations for sale at the Market.

We just thought we would share some links with you.

Feles Seitan has a few links to check out covering kids wear , mature clothing and furniture

Audra Graves looks adorable in a kids oufit

Sophia Harlow rested on poseprops and wearing Wear Gray clothing

Arora Zanzibar went Wear Gray Hunt crazy

Villemo Inglewood looks like she's ready for the ball in this lovely gown

Alicia Chenaux has a fan girl moment on day one

Jordan Whitt plays dress up in a few outfits, poses on a pose prop and shows off some furniture

Incognito Xaris covers jewelry and fashion

Fayne Khandr plays around with poses and clothing

Willow Zander says Hi from Wear Gray is some cute outfits

Beulah Mills gets dressed up for the ball, tries on some casual outfits, shows off some jewelry, can't decide which colour to get so goes for all 10, looks as pretty as a princess in this gown and finally some cute tee's for any occasion

Thank you to all our Wear Gray Bloggers, and to all the other bloggers around the grid helping to spread the word.

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