Monday, September 13, 2010

The Tips Are Getting Bigger

Today was Day 2 of the Wear Gray Market and DJ Marcus was on fire. Not only did Marcus kindly donate his time and tips to Wear Gray, he also put out the offer that he would match the tips received in our Wear Gray donation jar up to $5,000L. Thanks to the generosity of those dancing away and listening to Marcus set, the $5,000 was soon reached, and true to his word Marcus then added $5,000 to the jar as well. It was so heart-warming to see a donation sitting there with $10,000 just from one event, and with not even an hour having passed.

Now the Market is on a Mature sim. But that doesn't mean we condone people just wandering around half naked. There are after all childrens stores and children avatars wandering around. After a quick scan of the sim and the people attending it was seen to be an all adult crowd. And to liven things up and help get in more donations for ABTA.....

A challenge is set forth:

Marcus32 Vyper: ok.... here's an idea

Marcus32 Vyper: I see 15k in that tip jar.... I strip to my boxers

And we sit back and watch the donations roll in. It seems people want to see skin! But what about the guys in the crowd you ask?....Well never fear gentlemen -

Sanura Snowpaw: I'll tell you what for the guys to have incentive to donate I'll strip to my bra and panties if we hit 15K also

Our very own Organiser jumped in to help boost donations. Marcus set the challenge at 8.16pm and by 8.26pm we hit $15,000

Not only did Marcus' first challenge of reaching $5,000 get smashed. But the second challenge of reaching $15,000 was blown out of the water with our eventual tally for the evening reaching a whopping $19,000.

So our lovely white kitteh and our DJ stud got down to their briefs and partied hard with the crowd. Lets not forget Sanura passing out in shock a few times and having to take a lay down in the grass from the generosity of everyone around.

And with an end to the 2 hour event, we are absolutely stunned at the progress of our total donations so far.

Thank you to everyone who came and danced the night away. Thank you to Marcus for his generous tips and to those who helped us reach a phenomenal amount in those 2 hours.

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