Wednesday, September 15, 2010

There's always one.....

There was a break in the DJ events today, the auctions still going strong through the day though.

There was however some entertainment, of a different kind.

It seems that no good charity event is free from people deciding to run amok. Today was only day three and we had the pleasure of ejecting and banning an individual that was acting very inappropriately.

Did this stop us having an awesome day in sales and donations? way! We are still going strong as ever with tonight's tally for the end of day three sitting at

$354, 807L

And with a third lot of auctions under way we hope to boost that amount even more. Don't forget merchants. If your items are up for auction, make sure to let your VIP's in your groups know. After all, they are one of a kind designs that they may want to grab.

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