Monday, September 20, 2010

Wear Gray Auction items for September 21st 2010

Right when you land you at Wear Gray you will see 3 Bid boxes by Lucky Designs. In each bid box there will be a one of a kind item that is up for auction for 24 hours. If you are out bid it will send you your money back along with a message and SLurl if you wish to bid higher.

Todays items are as follows

Bid box #1
TempT Bella of the ball Dress starting bid only 300L

Bid Box #2
WoE Lacey Outfit starting bid only 250L

Bid Box #3
::Eclectic Firefly:: Studio Loft House Starting bid only 500L

Everything raised in the auctions will be going to the ABTA.

Hope you enjoy and good luck winning some amazing one of a kind items exclusively at Wear Gray.

Sanura Snowpaw
Director, Wear Gray 2010

Arora Zanzibar
Liaison, Wear Gray 2010

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