Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wear Gray's Stage

It's update time, so we thought we should tell you all about the central stage at the Market. During set-up stage for Wear Gray we approached Further Monday and Fang Roffo, owner's of !Weather or Not?, enquiring about a build for a central stage.

For anyone that visited Operation Squeegee this year and saw the central stage there, you will know why we went straight to them. Further and Fang pride themselves on their unique designs, attention to detail and sculpties. Whilst the stage is specific for Wear Grays events, it holds many other uses. During a conversation with Further at set up, I mentioned that it would look cute as a garden accessory as well. So that was the focus for my picture. To give you inspiration to see it another setting, other than a stage with a DJ booth and advertising.

The stage itself is a low 31 prims with an extra prim shadow. Not only is it great as a stage when you want to fit in what you need but not take up too much room for dancers, it's just perfect for those backyard or beach-side decks, with a table and chairs and maybe some potted plants.

The stage is available at !WorN?'s Wear Gray store and is exclusive to the Wear Gray Market. So get it while it's there. Their store is right next to the central stage at Wear Gray.

Our thanks go to Further and Fang for the hard work and effort they put in to this stage, and for donating it to Wear Gray for our central stage.

Lastly, a quick update on our totals - $384, 108L. We're over the moon at the generous amounts of donations coming in.

Don't forget, the Wear Gray stage is only available at the Market, now through till September 25th.

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