Monday, September 6, 2010

A Sneak Peek

Wear Gray is in set up mode and it's all hands on deck. It is fantastic to see all the stores filling up with designs so to give you all a bit of a preview is a few of the designs you will see at the Wear Gray Market this year.

New from *elymode* and debuting at Wear Gray is the Joell set: a collection of sexy tops, tight fitting pants and shrugs. Available in purple, black, red and brown, the items are sold separately for you to mix and match! 100% of the proceeds from the tops and pants will go towards the American Brain Tumor Association.

Created in honor of my Mom who I lost 4 years ago.
Leigh is a sensual flowing long dress with contrasting bodice panels and decorative rhinestone clips! It includes a resizeable skirt and all clothing layers so you can still wear your tattoos and other adornments.Leigh is available in my shop in 5 color combinations for $575. I have created leigh in Grey exclusively for Wear Gray for a Day for only $300! This is a limited edition that you will not see again until next year's event, if at all. Copy/ No Mod /No Trans. ~DragonLady

Magoa has produced 8 new and exclusive items. Three of them will be sold at 100% for the American Brain Tumor Association. ALL other Magoa products displayed on the sim will give 20% of their profits as well, including the other 5 new and exclusive Wear Gray items.

The women's set includes a set of bangles, a grouping of necklaces with beads, cords and pendant, and two matching earrings that mirror the pendant plus include flexi dangles.The men's set includes a choker-style necklace of braided leather and stone, plus two styles of cuffs/bracers, one of each style for Right and Left handed-wear. The ladies' set is available for L$300 and the gentlemen's set for L$200 at Wear Gray, with 100% of proceeds to benefit the American Brain Tumor Association.

This lovely gown comes with two full outfits, one with gold pearls and the other with silver. There is also a large and a small version of the skirt for each detail color, as well as detachable trains. The gown is going for 350L for the event and comes in 4 other jewel-toned colors.

:{od}: Liana Cyber inspired white corset with mesh top and kyoot sculpted tutu. Available exclusively at the Wear Gray Faire for 300L. Don't miss out on Nylirr a dark goth compliment also available exclusively at the Faire.

Rising Silks for Her - "Solar" - Special Edition White. The silks are scripted for resize and have some texture change functions; not color but rather glow, shiny, etc.

Just one of the many designs on show at DragonLady's Closet at the Wear Gray Market.

Everyone needs a 'little black dress'. Exclusive Wear Gray item for Gothic Passionate Dreams.

TempT will be introducing Brihanna Gowns at the event. All proceeds from the special edition in grey will go to Wear Gray and will only be available as a single purchase for this event. The only other way to get it is in a fatpack. The Gown is just 300L and will also available in 6 other colors as well. It includes the matching jewelry and a 2.0 viewer neck tattoo.

`*~Zanzibar creationZ~*` usually known for the wacky and weird designs is putting out an exclusive Wear Gray - Purple Haze Dress. Of course it has it's own little wackyness to it. Dress comes with Skirt prim with brain decals, belt/sash and top neck tie. Available only at Wear Gray for $200L

This is my favourite creation for Wear Gray... in honour of all the people in my life that I have lost to cancer. Unforgettable necklace, L$100 Lindens, all proceeds to the charity.

The "Wear Gray" exclusive color is silver metal with a diamond/gray awareness ribbon charm. After the "Wear Gray" event is over, a color/gem/metal change version will be available in the LacieCakes main store (for a slightly higher price). This necklace is highly detailed with a realistic clasp & shadowing. The word "Hope" is engraved on one of the charms and this necklace also includes a little "bling" (instructions how to turn it on/off are included). Available at Wear Gray for $159L

Izzie's donation item is called "Wear Color Outfit" and it's a whole outfit that consists of a jacket, 2 pants (flared and hot pants), tank top, socks and gloves. It costs L$ 400

Dark Mouse Jewelry offers this exquisite necklace for Wear Gray. The picture really does speak for itself.

This horn set is 241 Prims of Demonic glory. Extremely tiny chains adorn the upper horns, each link made from one sculpted prim and interconnected to attain the arcs under the horns. The lower horns pierced by spikes and rings to make an elegant design. The graceful curves interlink to complete the design. This horn set is controlled by the (DGD) CC HUD which gives you the ability to change to 3 different metal textures, 4 horn textures, and infinite color combinations. Even the metals can be colored to add even more variation. The main horn texture is a custom made seamless texture to give the horns a unique look.
One of the items from Boof is the 'Eat Me' Mouth Lollipops. They come in 8 colors. The colors include:Orange, Black, Blue, Purple, Red, Teal, Green and Pink. Available at Wear Gray for only 30L each

Beauty Killer - BabyDoll Dresses. Comes in 3 cute different styles (Pink Strawberry, Green Polka and Pink Polka). 240 L$ (All goes to The American Brain Tumor Association). All Dresses are included in one pack.
The sexy outfit is called Satin 'n Mesh, and will be sold as a Fatpack for 300L or individually as 85L. It comes on a shirt/pants or jacket/pants layers. The top can be worn as a tunic (with the belt) and the shorts can be worn individually as well (careful, they're definitely booty shorts!). The prims are all mod. For Wear Gray, these items will be mod/copy/notrans.

From Bellies - 75L each! Prim sleeves, prim hoodies, prim strings, prim shirt bottom. All layers included!

This outfit is called Dusk and it's for the boys. It's a gray jacket with sculpted sleeves and collar as well as a hoodie sculpt that can replace the collar to transform the outfit into something more comfy. Jacket includes a sculpted bottom to add volume to the jacket as well as a belt for style. Outfit also comes with a stand alone belt, if that is preferred. Included is a white undershirt/tank if it gets too hot and tartan gray shorts with sculpted cuffs. It is Mod for the prims and some prims with resizer script as well. It is also trans for gifting if there's a lil boy you think would look cute in the outfit. 150L for the whole deal!

A gorgeous flowy purple dress from Bliss Couture.

These are just some of the items available at Wear Gray. Each Merchant has more than one exclusive item available plus normal store items and possibly new releases as well. Be sure to pop on over and grab an exclusive while you can.

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